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Former students tell their experience of studying at Palmer Voice Studios

Before taking voice lessons with Mrs. Palmer I was proud of my vocal ability. I had an impressive upper range and usually got good roles in musicals for that. However, I had gone just about as far as my natural talent would take me. When I began working with Mrs. Palmer she spotted the unhealthy and inefficient way I was singing and quickly got to work fixing my technique. Thanks to Mrs. Palmer, I was able to perform in ways I would never have dreamed of being able to do before.


Mrs. Palmer did not only help me sing better, but also helped me understand the mechanics and technique of voice.


Most importantly, Mrs. Palmer cares for her students and pushes them to be the best singers they can be. She would often help me find opportunities to perform and help me plan my future, going out of her way to give me the resources I needed to succeed. Mrs. Palmer is the best voice teacher I have ever gotten to work with; every lesson was a delight!


-Levi Clark

A true, genuine teacher not only teaches skill and passes on knowledge, but cares about her students beyond the 30 minutes or hour they spend with her weekly.  She takes the time to earn their trust and always desires what is best for her students.  She sees the diamond in the rough and has the vision, wisdom, skill, and fortitude to push forward to make it sparkle and shine with beauty and in excellence.  This is Ms. Mari Palmer.  

We met Ms. Mari at The Annie Moses Fine Arts Summer Academy in Nashville, Tennessee in the summer of 2015.  She introduced us to a whole new way at looking at the art of singing.  Her approach was fresh and produced results.  Coming at it from a voice science perspective, she gives new insight and wisdom to navigate the ever-changing instrument of the vocalist….their body.  Ms. Mari is very discerning and intentional in her instruction.  She builds precept upon precept making sure understanding and technique are established before moving forward with a student.  She always points her students forward, helping them to zero in on their goals, come up with a plan to execute, and tailors her teaching to help each individual accomplish their dreams and fulfill their desires.  

Not only does Ms. Mari expect her students to work hard, but she requires the same commitment of herself.  She is continually seeking out and completing ongoing education in her field of expertise in order to stay on the cutting edge of what is happening in the world of vocal performance.  We count ourselves most fortunate to have Ms. Mari as our vocal instructor.  

/// Rose Rock Daughters - Kallie, Kaycie, and Kambrie Swaim

Timmie Dee Swaim, Mom and Manager                 

“Before voice lessons with Mrs. Palmer I was struggling to sing comfortably, and having a lot of trouble figuring out how to sing without straining my voice. However, after a couple years of lessons I can say that I have been taught how to sing forrectly and how to use my voice in a healthy manner. I can say without a doubt that Mrs. Palmer has helped me reach my goal of studying toward a BFA in Musical Theatre at one of the top schools in the country. Mrs. Palmer will give you the tools you need to sing properly and succeed.”

/// Danny Martin, Shenandoah University '20

Mari Palmer of Palmer Voice Studio Vocal Coach North Carolina

After taking lessons from Mari Palmer for three years I can truly say that she has changed my voice and life completely. I came to Mari during my sophomore year, but had been singing for years prior. I was amazed to find that Mari could tell what I was lacking in technique almost immediately. In working with Mari, I have grown in vocal technique as well as personally. She has helped me become a much more confident singer and performer. Mari is easy to work with, good-humored, understanding, and kind. I would not recommend anyone else to students looking for top-notch vocal training. In the fall I will be attending UNC Greensboro to be a part of their new, highly-selective, BFA in Musical Theatre program, with only nine students selected for the incoming class. I owe this accomplishment and many others to the training I have received from Mari Palmer.

/// Walter HIgginbotham, BFA in Musical Theater at UNCG '24

"I have four daughters and they all sing and play instruments together.  Two years ago, we needed some new instruction for them vocally, to help strengthen them and make them better for their group.  We received Mari's name from a friend of ours and from moment one, she has been the greatest help to our girls.  Mari is extremely knowledgeable in knowing HOW to teach others to sing...but more than that, she is extremely knowledgeable in the WHY of how to sing.  Correct technique is so vital.   She knows exactly what to suggest to fix any kind of problem you may be having at that moment.  I have noticed problems that my girls were continuing to struggle with fade away under the teaching and care of Mari.  They knew what technique to apply to help reach certain notes, to not strain their vocal chords, to sustain their notes longer, how to get correct breath to support it all, etc.  Mari is excellent at what she does...but alongside of that, she is an encourager.  She builds you up honestly and gives you pointers of what to do better in the sweetest of ways.  She has great humor, is delightful to work with in every way, and truly is a rare find nowadays.  We are blessed to know her, to have her teach our daughters and are thrilled to recommend her to anyone who really wants to sing better....she can help them achieve their goals!"

/// David Hall, Father of "The Hall Sisters"

Mari Palmer of Palmer Voice Studio Singing Instruction North Carolina

Melanie and I have always loved singing! Little did we know how much we had to learn about the proper technique until we began lessons with Mrs. Mari. I have always struggled with pushing straight from my throat, but Mrs. Mari identified the problem right away. She corrected my technique by teaching me which muscles to use and where to place my voice. Now, after I’ve had lessons for four years and Melanie for three, we fully understand how invaluable Mrs. Mari’s instruction is in the art of singing. Mrs. Mari is continually learning of and implementing new warm ups, and always has such helpful videos and pictures to demonstrate to us the intricate workings of the voice and the body. Melanie and I love singing duets together, and Mrs. Mari has helped us tremendously in our ability to create a full and rich blend in our voices. She has taught us various vocal warm ups that have strengthened our blend and brought out our natural voices, allowing us to have a more unified sound. She has always prepared us so well for voice recitals, competitions, musicals, and singing on a worship team. We are both able to enjoy singing SO much more now that we know the proper way to do it. The skills that Mrs. Mari taught us will serve us the rest of our lives, and we are beyond grateful for her kind, accurate, and extremely helpful instruction over our years of learning from her.

/// Joyanna and Melanie Martin

“Ever since I was little I knew I loved to sing, but I never thought I would be able to accomplish musically what I can now. Over the past few years Mrs. Palmer helped me find my voice, we worked on tons of different songs and techniques to achieve a beautiful sound. 

She encouraged me all throughout high school to audition for shows/choirs/competitions, and after each one we would dive into working towards the next thing. There was so much musically that I wanted to explore or be able to sing, but after working with Mrs. Palmer, those dreams turned into a reality. 

~ Shannon Schmaltzbauer

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